let's take a breath and get scentered
Removing the excess electrical charge from an object is called grounding - removing the excess emotional charge, that is the result of over thinking and looking backwards, is also called grounding. 

Grounding brings our energy into the current moment which is always the place we line up with ourselves and the space we line up with our answer.

Decision making becomes much simpler when we are firmly centered in ourselves and daily grounding activities, especially during times of change and unsteadiness, are what get us there.

Some ways to ground:

1. Walk outdoors in bare feet (this works so well, that even just walking across my front yard on a Sunday morning to get the newspaper in my bare feet changes my entire mood)

2. Lie on the ground (palms on the ground or forehead on the ground works best)

3. Gardening - hands in the dirt time

4. Bring our attention to the present moment - sit comfortably and scan your body from your toes to your head feeling each part - is it hot, is it heavy - observe how your body feels. Walk around the room and see how it feels to touch things. Run cold water over your hands. List your current moment - so I would say - keyboard keys clicking, the sound of crickets, cold air from the open door - attention to the present moment is very grounding.

5. Eat root vegetables (some people think eating meat is grounding, but I had a teacher 20 years ago who said this wasn't true - that eating meat actually lowers our frequency so that's why it might feel momentarily grounding - I think she was right about this)

6. Stones are grounding. The stuff in our environment always lines up with us energetically. Rocks and minerals hold such old and solid vibrations that it is much more likely for us to have to raise our vibration to match their vibration than for the reverse to happen. Hematite is great for this.

7. Scents have vibrations and can be grounding. Scents force us to either incorporate their energy or move out of their space. Yes, scents are bad-ass. Our Soul Scentered Aromatherapy Lockets are an excellent way to add the vibration of specific scents into our lives.

8. Sounds are grounding. The teacher who taught me grounding had an exercise where you make a sound with your throat and then lower and lower the sound until it is the lowest sound your body can make - that is your root chakra sound and you can make that sound when you need to ground yourself - great for stressful driving situations. 

9. Red, brown and black are very grounding - probably why so many teens are drawn to wearing the color black while their vibration seeks balance.

10. Grounding meditations - visualizing yourself with roots reaching down into the earth, etc.

And let's not forget 11. Exercise (preferably outdoors)

February 01, 2015 by Catherine Ivins