let's take a breath and get scentered

scentered aromatherapy locket

Lockets have been worn, cherished and passed down through generations for hundreds of year. Lockets are an incredibly personal piece of jewelry - only the wearer knows what the locket holds!

Most lockets are necklaces - but lockets can be rings, bracelets and keyrings as well. Lockets have held medicine, the scent of a loved one on a piece of torn hankie, a lock of hair, a secret message, good luck charms, herbs, love potions and even poison!

Before photographs were so commonplace, tiny images were sometimes meticulously painted inside. Lockets have been made in many shapes and sizes and from metals such as brass, silver and gold. 

Our aromatherapy lockets take locket making one step further. We use steel - recycled car parts actually and since steel is magnetic it allows out locket lids to slip off and on with ease turning one locket into endless possibilities. We partner with amazing independent working artists for the artwork - talented people who have put years into honing their craft of illustration, graphic design and photography. This allows us to offer the most unique and beautiful jewelry art available anywhere.

Our diffuser lockets hold a scent just for you. Essential oil lovers love them for their therapeutic value. Children carry our lockets to school and camp to deter homesickness. Military wives keep their husband's scent inside when he is deployed. Many of our customers take them on vacation to turn 1 piece of jewelry into everything they need for their trip. We have so many stories from so many people of ways our lockets are used and cherished!

How do you use scent and how might a locket fit into your life?

July 05, 2015 by Catherine Ivins