let's take a breath and get scentered

Aromatherapy Diffuser Brooch | Best MOM


Brand Olive Bites


★ Your stickpin has multiple magnet lids - 3 BROOCHES IN 1

 Your brooch is fabricated in NJ from a recycled steel car part and a stainless steel 2.5" kilt pin!

★ Custom stamped initial on circle charm
★ Locket is 1" 


Choose an essential oil - lemon, peppermint or lavender for a therapeutic experience or 

★a fragrance from the diffuser oil collection of the Demeter Fragrance Library 
★95% natural and sustainable sources NO parabens, artificial colors or phthalates NO animal testing

Scent should be applied to the felt pads for use inside your locket

Lockets can also be worn with your own favorite fragrance or fragrance- free. All Polarity Jewelry™ including the changeable magnetic top is ©2007-2016 - all designs on the jewelry are © by the copyright owner and used here with license.

Soul Scentered Jewelry is patent pending.