let's take a breath and get scentered

Magnetic Diffuser Necklace | Best UNCLE


Brand Olive Bites

We had a favorite uncle - we called him Unky - we think he would have liked this locket. Maybe your own favorite Unky will, too.

Magnetic diffuser locket for your favorite uncle - switchable calming scents inside with beautiful exterior lids outside.


★ Your locket has multiple magnet lids - 3 NECKLACES IN 1

 Your locket is fabricated in NJ from a recycled steel car part 
★ Stainless steel chain in your choice of length with steel hardware 

★ Locket is 1" 


★Fragrances are from the diffuser oil collection of the Demeter Fragrance Library 
★95% natural and sustainable sources NO parabens, artificial colors or phthalates NO animal testing

OR Choose an Essential Oil for a therapeutic experience - lavender, lemon or peppermint

Scent should be applied to the felt pads for use inside your locket

Lockets can also be worn with your own favorite fragrance or fragrance- free. All Polarity Jewelry™ including the changeable magnetic top is ©2007-2013 - all designs on the jewelry are © by the copyright owners and used by license.

Soul Scentered Jewelry is patent pending.