let's take a breath and get scentered
I'm Cat Ivins - the designer and maker of Scentered Jewelry.
(and the original magnetic interchangeable jewelry since 2007 - the Polarity Locket!)

My design studio is called Olive Bites (after my pup Olive who doesn't anymore) and I live and work at the beautiful Jersey Shore.

I began collecting lockets when my favorite uncle gave me an Alice in Wonderland bracelet locket which I promptly lost in the schoolyard on the first day of 2nd grade

(this left me crying and demanding a lockdown of the school grounds - my teacher refused to search my classmates' pockets and lunchbags - a situation I later blamed for my growing distrust of authority figures and inability to work a wrist strap)

Many years later while wandering around my hubby's truck repair shop looking for a place to sit that wasn't covered in brake dust I spied a drawer full of used, blackened auto plugs that began to call my name.

Hubs said "Cat, girls don't want to wear steel, girls want gold and silver and things that are shiny and new" and I said, " well ... maybe not all girls" ..

I began experimenting (when I realized my car parts were magnetic I almost had a coronary - luckily Olive has been trained in CPR and is fast on her feet), took a welding class and VOILA - in a noisy garage at the Jersey Shore the magnetic Polarity Locket was born!

I now collaborate with the most amazing artists on the planet for my locket artwork and over 20,000 magnetic lockets have been attracting love and abundance for their owners - magnetic lockets are magical by the way - since 2007 all handmade in the same Jersey garage by ME (with a little help from Olive) and equal doses of love and propane.

I'm Olive Ivins. I am what happens when a boston terrier falls in love with a beagle.

Some people call me a Boggle; some people call me the "M" word.

(we don't use the 'm' word around here, although it may be the only 4 letter word we don't use- this is Jersey after all).

I spend my days on the arm of a stuffed chair in Cat's studio dangling over the heater. Sometimes, I jump up and bark at random things- like the mailman or the wind or the other cat (the one who lives across the street and walks around off leash all day to really drive me crazy). But, mostly I just hang around here and provide the kind of inspiration that only a 15 pound brindled Boggle has to offer.