let's take a breath and get scentered

It's might be time for small children to leave the room because we are about to use the "f" word. Yes, that one.

Because your Soul Scentered locket is fabricated from a recycled steel auto part - it's built to last Forever

There are a couple things you can do on your end to make this happen.

1. Keep your locket dry. We treat your locket with a special wax coating to prevent rust.

A little misty rain isn't going to hurt it, but you want to remove your jewelry before swimming or bathing.

2. Wipe it clean as needed with a dry cloth.

That's it - easy, peasy. If you ever have a problem with your locket, even years after your purchase, we have a Forever Fix-It policy (there's that "f" word again - sorry, but we are in Jersey after all). You send us the locket and for a small shipping fee we make it good as new for you.