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Magnetic Diffuser Necklace | Aquarius


Brand Oksana Grivina

This locket necklace celebrates AQUARIUS people - born January 20th - February 18th

Magnetic diffuser locket for Aquarius people - aromatherapy necklace.


★ Your locket is fabricated in NJ from a recycled steel car part 
★ Your locket has multiple magnet lids - 3 NECKLACES IN 1! 
★ Stainless steel chain in your choice of length with steel hardware 
★ Custom stamped heart charm
★ Locket is 1"


This locket features the totally amazing illustration of Oksana Grivina. 


★ The scents for our astrology lockets are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  All pure..no additives, bases, fillers or synthetics added.… nothing added, nothing taken away. All are chosen by our resident astrologer to work with this sign.

Lockets can also be worn with your own favorite fragrance or fragrance- free. All Polarity Jewelry™ including the changeable magnetic top is ©2007-2013 - all designs on the jewelry are ©Oksana Grivina and used here with license. Soul Scentered Jewelry is patent pending.